About the people

Landmatters Co-operative currently consists of ten adult members and eight children who all live at the Landmatters site in Allaleigh, and possess a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets. Community and people-care is a very important part of life at Landmatters. The Permaculture philosophy expresses that, if people’s needs are met in compassionate and simple ways, the environment surrounding them will prosper. The challenge is to grow through self-reliance and personal responsibility.


'Way of Council' - a practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Is a key component of people-care here at Landmatters. We come together in a circle that creates a container for empathy and honesty.


The residents have the intention to create a thriving low impact community, a place where we can explore ways of living gently on the earth and  provide an inspiration for others. We feel this is an appropriate thing to do in order to take personal responsibility for climate change and the current environmental crisis. We also wish to live like this out of a sense of responsibility to future generations.