About the land

The land is comprised of approximately 42 acres, of which 17 acres are semi-natural ancient woodland, 22 acres are pasture and the remainder is naturally regenerating scrub and hedgerows.

The Woods

The woodlands, which spans from the north to the north-west of the site, are predominantly oak with some beech and an understory of mainly holly, some hazel, honey suckle and bluebells. We are currently working on updating and implementing our  woodland management plan to better facilitate bio-diversity, and overall sustainability of both the woods and the project. The woods are situated on fairly steep slopes and is bordered by a small stream which helps create a stunning atmosphere for relaxation and reflection.

The Grasslands

Sheep, horses, scythes and mechanical instruments all help in the maintenance of the diverse grasslands here at Landmatters. We have a good relationship with our neighbours who sometimes graze their livestock on the site. We own two Dartmoor ponies and a gypsy cob which provide diversity to the grazing pattern and, provides large amounts of manure for the food growing areas. The pastures are rich with wild flowers which provides a stunning display most years.

The Hedges

The majority of the fields on the site are boarded by ancient hedgerows. Some quiet leggy and eroded.  We have been working to restore these hedge banks by laying, thinning and replanting. These hedges are diverse edges which provide a home for all manner of wildlife and provides a good forage for wild food.