Gardening at Landmatters

Sunday 1st July and 26th August 

10am - 3:30pm

A work day at the Landmatter Co-operative site. The days’ activity will vary throughout the year. However the underline ethos is always; working with nature, and treading lightly on the land. Activities usually include;

  • bed prep (border building, weeding, compost spreading, etc)

  • seed sowing

  • transplanting

  • tool maintenance (cleaning and sharpening)

  • shrub clearance

  • composting

  • grass cutting

  • tree pruning

This is a volunteer work day. It is an opportunity to learn and share knowledge and experiences, as well as getting some work done. Landmatters Co-operative is about community, working together to achieve a common goal. Here is a good opportunity to come up for a visit, and chat to the members about life on the land. Tea and snacks will be provided.

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