Ways to get in touch

The quickest way to get in touch is to give us a call on telephone number 01803 712718 or send us an e-mail via the contact box.

You can send us mail at address:

Landmatters Co-operative 

Allaleigh, Blackawton

If you would like to visit us in person prior arrangements, either by phone or e-mail, would be essential.

Thanks! Message sent.

Ways of getting to us

road map

Landmatters actively support the use of public transport and shared cars so please consider how you can travel to us in this way. There is a bus from Totnes (X64) to within 25mins walk of our community. A bus timetable can be found here. If driving please offer lift shares if possible for the other people coming. Please also note we have limited available space on site for private vehicles – therefore it is important to let us know in advance if you are considering driving here.

Our stop is not shown on the timetable, it’s the one before “Woodlands Theme Park”. When you get on the bus, ask for the "Forces Tavern", it’s about a 20 minute ride from Totnes, ask the driver to let you know when it’s time to get off!

From there it’s a 25 minute walk: turn back on yourself and turn right between Pine Lodge and the dog grooming place, walk straight on, down the country lane then take your second right towards the hamlet of Allaleigh. Our neighbours like their peace and quiets, so please don’t be too noisy as you walk through the hamlet past all houses and down hill. At the bottom of the hill is a large wooden gate on your left signed "LANDMATTERS". Walk up the track to the car park. At Welcome sign walk through the wooden gate and up the hill. The communal Space is situated on the right a little further on near the fire pit. Welcome!

By bus

By car

If you do come by car, please avoid driving through the hamlet of Allaleigh! From Totnes, take “A” road south towards Kingsbridge/ Dartmouth. Follow that road until after the village of Halwell. At the BP garage, take a left towards Dartmouth. Follow the road for a 2.5 miles until, after some windy corners, you suddenly see some buildings on your left (Hairdressers/ dog grooming parlour). Take a sharp left, turning in behind the house. Then take your first right, then your first (steep) left (Landmark: barn on left corner), follow the lane all the way down, at the bottom is a widening with a wooden gate on your right signed “LANDMATTERS". Either park inside the gate on the right (do not park outside and block lane opposite!) and walk up the track or drive up the bumpy track to the car park. Please drive carefully on our track, take it slow and steady and avoid parking on the slope. From the car park walk left through the small wooden gate at welcome sign. At the top of the hill bear right toward a bender (canvas structure) with "COMMUNAL" written above the door. Welcome, you have arrived!

By cycle or on foot

At the bottom of Totnes High Street there is a mini roundabout. From here, with the High Street to your right and the river bridge to your left, you go straight ahead along The Plains. Where the road bends to the right (with a Job Centre on the corner) go left (it’s actually straight ahead but main road bends to the right). Down here on your left is a pub called ‘The Steam Packet’. Just beyond here is a small lane on the right going up hill. Up here on the left is the entrance to the National Cycle network – route 2 cycle path. Follow this cycle path to the village of Ashprington (great family run pub here). Then straight over the little roundabout and down the hill.

At the bottom of the hill go over humped-back bridge.  This is Bow Bridge. Follow lane into Tuckenhay, passing The Maltsters pub. Follow lane up and out of village.  Take the left bend towards Cornworthy (by a turning on your right signed to Washbourne).  You carry on down hill for a few metres then there’s a lane to the right signed as a dead end... 


Here you have a choice. You can take the dead-end route which becomes a green lane and is a short-cut. It’s only a dead end for cars. It’s very beautiful and it goes up the valley, through the woods and brings you out on a little lane about 20 meters to the left of Landmatters’ gate (wooden gate with Landmatters sign). Although it’s a short cut, it’s not for everyone: you will probably have to push your bike as it gets steep and bumpy in places, and in one place it can get properly muddy (maybe impassable) after heavy rain. Please consider your bike and baggage before going this way.

The alternative is to stay on the country lane, ignore the “dead-end” route and carry on up hill. It’s longer and smoother. Take the next right, signed posted Tideford/ Dartmouth. Stay on this for about 1 mile and take first right, signed Allaleigh. Follow this lane and take first right again (in reality straight on, unsigned, but with large barn on the corner). Landmatters’ gate is down here on the right opposite a little

lay-by/ green lane!