The vision

To be a thriving, nature-connected Permaculture community. Living low-impact solutions that reduce our ecological footprint, so we can be an active part in creating a sustainable world.

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Permaculture ethics and principles

 A brief history

Landmatters Co-operative was formed in 2002 with the intention of exploring the philosophy of living lightly on the planet. After a long and strenuous process for the right to live and work on the land the Co-operative was eventually granted temporary planning permission in 2007. Over the next 9 years the project had been a beacon of inspiration by hosting courses, events, and other outreach activities open to the general public. Permanent planning permission for eight temporary dwellings was granted in 2016 which has helped enabled the project to focus more on connecting with and stewarding the land in order to enhance its diversity, productivity and beauty, whilst providing an educational resource to the wider community.      

Our guiding principles

  • We use Permaculture Ethics, Principles and Design methods.

  • We are “learning by doing” – reskilling ourselves and others.

  • We use Consensus Decision-making process, and are committed to healthy communication using the “Way of Council” and other relevant tools.

  • We live off-grid in low-impact structures. We use wind and solar power, harvest wood and water from the land, and compost our own waste.

  • We produce increasing amounts of food and other products from the land.

  • We make this land the focus of our livelihoods and activities, hosting visitors, volunteers and courses here.

  • We share and maintain communal spaces and other assets.

  • We consciously connect to nature by being in touch with the elements, observing the natural world and celebrating the seasonal cycles.

  • We believe in positive change, working towards an equitable and sustainable future – personally, locally and globally.